Nissan Canada Launches MyNISSAN App a seamless & consolidated customer journey

Mississauga, Ontario – Nissan Canada has launched the MyNISSAN App, now available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. The app allows a full consolidation of all parts of the Nissan ownership experience, in and out of the vehicle, in one place. Whether through remote vehicle access, personalization, maintenance, convenience features, and links to financial services account management, all Nissan owners now have access to one app that unlocks their entire ownership experience.

The worry-free, smooth and reliable app is a one-stop for all things Nissan. The app provides a range of features making customers’ life easier, as everything is centralized in one place for the customer’s convenience. From combining areas such as scheduling a service appointment at a preferred retailer, or remote vehicle access and personalization such as the remote start and stop engine, climate control, among others, customers can also have the option to receive notifications to make them aware of applicable vehicle maintenance, service campaigns or access emergency services. In addition, customers are also able to view their vehicle’s service history, and much more.

Nissan ARIYA owners1 can also unlock an array of features for their EV, including Remote Battery Status, which allows users percent charge, plug in status, time until charge complete and drive range from the convenience of the user’s compatible smartphone.

Laura Kutlesa, Senior Manager, Customer Journey at Nissan Canada Inc., commented: “As an innovative brand, we, at Nissan Canada, are committed to continuing to deliver value to our customers. To increase the customer experience and provide a seamless and convenient journey in today’s digital age, we launched MyNISSAN app with the aim of providing a best-in-class connected experience to our Nissan customers in Canada.”

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