e-4ORCE radio-controlled car tackles drivability challenge


YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan today revealed their e-4ORCE radio-controlled car, an RC car that demonstrates how Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel control technology offers impressive handling and drivability over a variety of surfaces. With an Ariya exterior shell, representing the first Nissan vehicle to be offered with e-4ORCE, the RC car navigates a specially developed figure-eight course with different surfaces to show how the technology maintains the driving line and steerability. Members of the public can experience the demonstration at Nissan’s Global Headquarters in Yokohama from March 18 to 21.

e-4ORCE is Nissan’s most advanced all-wheel control technology. Engineers fine-tuned e-4ORCE’s precision control technology and twin electric motors to provide unparalleled ride comfort for all vehicle occupants. By specifically managing power output and braking performance for smoothness and stability, e-4ORCE enhances driver confidence by tracing the intended driving line over almost any road surface but without the need to change driving style or input. When cornering on snow-covered roads, for example, the vehicle can faithfully trace the driver’s intended line thanks to the coordinated control of the front and rear motors and the brake system. With the confidence to handle such a variety of road surfaces, driving becomes more enjoyable.

e-4ORCE RC car development

The e-4ORCE RC car uses four electric motors, one for each wheel, to reproduce e-4ORCE’s all-wheel control technology. Based on control technology developed for the RC car by e-4ORCE engineers, and driving conditions monitored by sensors mounted in the vehicle, driving force of each motor can be individually controlled. This allows the RC car to navigate the demonstration course smoothly over a variety of course surface conditions. Operation of the e-4ORCE RC car is done with an arcade-like setup, complete with accelerator pedal, steering wheel and tilting racing seat. A monitor linked to the car’s on-board camera gives the driver a first-hand impression, like driving a real car.

The e-4ORCE radio-controlled car demonstration follows on the heels of Nissan’s Ramen Counter project video. The e-4ORCE Ramen Counter project is part of Nissan’s Tech for Life communication series, which demonstrates Nissan technology in daily life situations. By expressing advanced technology in a fun and interesting way, people of all ages can better understand how the technology works.