Nissan Intelligent Mobility

How ProPilot Helps Nissan Drivers Feel Safe
Feel more confident and take the stress out of driving with Nissan’s state-of-the-art ProPILOT Assist™. Designed to guide your drive rather than overtake it, this intuitive system lets you master the road with Intelligent Cruise Control and Steer Assist. Working together, they help you keep pace with highway traffic and stay in your lane. Turn them on at the press of a button and conquer your next commute.

Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) With Full Speed Range And Hold

Set your speed and go. Intelligent Cruise Control with Full Speed Range and Hold does the rest. As part of ProPILOT Assist, this system monitors the flow of traffic, maintaining an adjustable pre-set distance from the car ahead. It can even stop your Nissan automatically when the highway slows to a standstill, picking up the pace once the way is clear

Steer Assist

Enjoy longer drives without the fatigue. Steer Assist lets you stay the course with ease. If you drift over the lane markings, this system automatically adjusts your steering, helping you stay between the lines. It can also keep you centred through any curves, guiding the wheel without ever taking over. Tap into the control when you activate ProPILOT Assist™.

Other features of the ProPilot Assist™ safety suite include:

Intelligent Forward Collision Warning: Anticipate Hazards Down The Road

Nissan’s Intelligent Forward Collision Warning System monitors traffic up to two cars ahead and lets you know when one suddenly slows down, so you can react faster when the unexpected happens.

Intelligent Distance Control: Master The Stress And Drain Of Stop-And-Go City Traffic

Intelligent Distance Control keeps a close eye on the vehicle directly ahead. If it slows down too abruptly, this system automatically adjusts your speed, so you’re always following at a safe distance.

Intelligent Emergency Braking With Pedestrian Detection: React On A Dime

This system simultaneously monitors the vehicles ahead, while scanning the road for people you may not see. When the system senses danger, it can automatically hit the brakes to help you avoid a front-end collision.

Intelligent Lane Intervention: Stay On The Right Path

With Intelligent Lane Intervention, your Nissan senses when you are drifting over the divider lines. If you continue to cross them without signalling, the system can automatically nudge you back to the middle of your lane.

Intelligent Blind Spot Warning (BSW): Change Lanes With Confidence

BSW gives you a heads up when other vehicles are hiding in your blind spot. If you begin to cross over the divider lines when the system detects a vehicle sitting in your blind spot, it will step in and guide you back into your lane and away from danger.

Intelligent Back-Up Intervention With Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA): Reverse Without Anxiety

Reverse out of a parking space knowing you are in good hands. This system warns you when large obstacles are in your way, automatically applying the brakes when you’re getting too close. With Rear Cross Traffic Alert, your Nissan also lets you know when other cars are passing behind you, so you can avoid a collision.

Intelligent Around View Monitor With Moving Object Detection: Park With Precision

This system helps to heighten your awareness of your surroundings. Using four cameras, the monitor gives you a virtual 360-degree bird’s eye view of your Nissan, with selectable front, rear and curbside views. Its sensors help keep tabs on your surroundings, warning you when something is moving nearby so you can manoeuvre confidently – even when space is